About Us and Testimonials


Founded by Colette Wiseman, MD, a Los Angeles ER doctor and working mom to 2 toddlers.

Colette’s background:

BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, 2002

MD from the University of Chicago, 2007

Residency training in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine at UCLA, completed 2012

Dual boarded in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine, 2013

CLC (Certified Lactation Counselor) 2015

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“Colette’s advice and encouragement helped me to stick with breastfeeding despite my initial difficulties with engorgement, a variety of latch issues, and plugged ducts. She has been such a positive influence through this often discouraging process, and without her support I would have given up and switched to formula long ago. Now my baby is 5 weeks old, my supply is up, and I am much more optimistic that my baby and I can make this work.”

-C, age 34, Engineer from New York City

“Colette has been a huge help as I’ve learned the ropes in breastfeeding my first child. She helped me with latch issues, sore nipples, clogged ducts, and milk blebs, and she cheered me on through the stressful first weeks of feeding. She answers questions promptly and thoroughly, with great warmth and clarity, and she backs up her answers with excellent explanatory material. My son is now seven weeks old and growing like gangbusters, and breastfeeding is no longer a source of stress for us.”

-Carol, high school teacher, Rhinebeck, NY
“Colette is amazing. She is calm, kind and very knowledgeable. I had trouble breast feeding with my first baby (latch, supply issues etc). She gave me suggestions and strategies to help with the situation and throughout the 10 months that I breast fed, she was an incredible supportive resource for all of my questions about breastfeeding, weaning, etc. I highly recommend Colette for all of your breast feeding questions.”
-L, age 33, Cardiologist, Los Angeles
“Colette’s advice and support during the early weeks of nursing was much needed and incredibly valuable. She talked me through the problems I was having with my sleepy baby and a weak latch. We are now 3 months in and all is going well. I continue to lean on Colette as new and different challenges arise with breastfeeding through my daughters growth and development. “
-E, age 35, Washington, DC
“I appreciated that Colette’s advice was well-informed by evidence-based approaches. She’s providing more than folk wisdom or anecdotal lessons: it’s breastfeeding with science.”
-D, age 37, new dad